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 Catch up Laundry

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Catch up Laundry Empty
PostSubject: Catch up Laundry   Catch up Laundry EmptyWed Jul 16, 2008 10:51 am

With having visitors for two weeks, the laundry was one thing that you seem to have more of. Having stripped the guest bed, and collected all the towels, I've got extra laundry. So I started early this morning, basket ready. Load after load, I seperated it all as it was washed. I tossed the small things, like socks and t-shirts in the dryer (collecting all day till I get a large enough load to warrent using the dryer) but all the other stuff, quilts, sheets, towels and such have gone on the line! I've got 4 lines outside and three are full right now! WHEW! I'll be doing some heavy folding later today. I've only got a few hours window to get them all line dried, as we are expecting rain this afternoon, so I had to get an early start!

Anyway, putting clothes on the line saves me energy! Do you hang out clothes?


Make hay while the sun shines!
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Catch up Laundry
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