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 Homemade Vanilla extract

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Homemade Vanilla extract Empty
PostSubject: Homemade Vanilla extract   Homemade Vanilla extract EmptyWed Nov 05, 2008 9:12 pm

Well..I made some more vanilla yesterday..several bottles as a matter of fact!
How do you 'make' vanilla extract you ask? EASY!

Get you some vanilla beans. They can be ordered off the web. I found mind several years ago at a good price..not sure what they are running now adays, but don't be surprised..they are expensive. down to the liquor store and get you some 'everclear' or any brand of 'grain alcohol'.
One large bean will usually do a regular size bottle of grain alcohol..once the bean has soaked for a few days if you want to make your vanilla even stronger, pour the contents into a bowl and carefully remove the vanilla bean..lay it out on some waxed paper and cut it ..splitting in long ways down the middle. Scrape the inside of it out into the bowl of alcohol..and pour it all back into the bottle..add the bean again. Let it set till it turns a nice amber color (can go from amber to dark brown)..this usually takes about 2 months. Give it a shake ever once in a while. YUM!
Best stuff you'll ever use!


Make hay while the sun shines!
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Homemade Vanilla extract
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