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 A runaround day!

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A runaround day! Empty
PostSubject: A runaround day!   A runaround day! EmptyThu Nov 06, 2008 11:24 am I've got to get dressed and go out..ACK!! I hate leaving home. That's bad aint it? LOL

I've got tons of running to do today though. Gotta visit DMV (division of motor vehicles) to get a new picture on my license (the old one is where my hair is long and dyed..they'd never let me on the plane with that doesn't even look like the same person)..I've got to go the postoffice to start mailing my NY packages (one of two)..I've got to go to the bank..and then finally to the docs for my final check-up from surgery. WHEW! After all this..I get to come home and relax for about ohh 15 minutes before I jump in the police car and ride with the po po again tonight!
WHEW!..So what's your busy day consisting of??

(somewhere in there I was supposed to clean..but.uhmm weeeel..that hasn't happened!)


Make hay while the sun shines!
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A runaround day!
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