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 Do you have??

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Do you have?? Empty
PostSubject: Do you have??   Do you have?? EmptyMon Nov 10, 2008 6:26 pm

A favorite 'food culture' you prefer?? you LOVE Italian, Greek, Mexican, Indian?

Sometimes..I think I was born in the wrong country! Don't get me wrong, I love most American food..but I do love the food from other countries.

Italian..I love any of the parmesean/alfredo foods..good salad..and Gnocchi....along with many pastas. I'm not fond of red sauce ..ONLY because it causes my heartburn to flare up..if it weren't for that, I'd love the red sauces too.

Greek: I love Feta cheese, and Gyros, greek livers, black olives!

Mexican: Oohh there isn't much in the mexican cuisine that I don't like! Burritos, enchiladas, refried beans, quacamole..sour cream, salsa and fajitas! You name it.

Indian: Much of which is 'vegetarian'..but they do have some chicken dishes. I've only had the chance to eat an authentic Indian resturant once..but LOVED IT! Chutneys, rice dishes, curry, saffron! YUM!

Japanese and Chinese: Gawd..I love all these dishes, including some of the Sushi! There isn't much I don't like here!

Ahh and I'll take a French pastry ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!

So what about you??


Make hay while the sun shines!
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Do you have??
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